“Oh, The Places You Will Go”

I have the blessing to get to share with all of you that have followed this blog from the beginning, that our mom, Jan Frank, has been called back to her heavenly father.  As always in death it is bittersweet.  The people she leaves behind will miss her with every day that goes by, we will miss her smile, her wisdom, her hugs and mostly her passion for life and family.  But for her she is reunited with her parents and the siblings that went before her.

Mom spent her last 20 years preparing for her retirement, she worked hard, saved every penny so that she could spend her golden years traveling with and to all her grandkids.  Though we will miss these travels with her by our side, she will most definitely be with us in every step, and in her new life we can only imagine the places she will go.

Mom, I know you are watching over me as I type this post and smile with pride over the family you have created.  Matthew, Stephanie and I pray that you will guide us through our days and that we will be able to lead and live the kind of life you did.  WE LOVE YOU!

Love, Joey