It is Sunday afternoon and the clouds are scattered across a beautiful blue eastern Washington sky. This is how I remember my childhood. It is interesting to me that my memories of childhood are mostly shrouded in this wonderful blue sky.   I don’t think that I have this feeling because I enjoyed more sunny days than most, I now know just how hard my mom worked to make sure that my life was filled with sun (on the inside and out). 

I was not an easy kid and I am blessed to have had her for my mother, nobody would have blamed her for shipping me off to some other family to raise.  Over the past 9 months I have realized even more, just how many lives mom made brighter. It is humbling to me see read your comments, see your letters and to bear witness to how much my mom meant to each of you. 

With that in mind i want to let all of you know that mom has taken a turn for the worse and is no longer eating or drinking.  She is comfortable and surrounded by her friends and family. Thank you again for all of your support during this difficult time, it has meant a lot to all of us.