Jan opens with: “I barf every day after PT and OT. So I’m thinking of limiting the time. Come back from PT: barf. OT: barf.”

Stephanie is here and helping plan Jan’s meals right now, among other things. Claudia says: “I think we need to get an ice machine installed. Tell anyone who visits to bring ice.” Stephanie adds: “cranberry juice.”

Jan says, “You can tell them I finally found my Legally Blond purse. Tell them they feed me too much.” In the background, Stephanie and Claudia discuss desserts.


Matthew (our regular blogerator) has been traveling for work and vacation.

“You ordered Diet Pepsi for every meal next week–even breakfast–so by Wednesday, we’re gonna hear: ‘Another friggin Diet Pepsi!’,” says Stephanie. “Because you like it right now. That’s the problem of ordering your meals a week in advanced.”

“That’s why I pick her meals,” says Claudia. Ah, is this fun or what?