We all ask that question from time to time and many of you would like to know why mom is back in the hospital and this time why UWMC. As you might recall mom was held at Virginia Mason for several weeks after coming off the ventilator because of some persistent fevers. The story is pretty long but the bottom line is that after a week or so out of the hospital these fevers returned and we all thought it best to have mom under the direct supervision of a doctor. We moved to UWMC because mom’s oncologist could not see her at VM. Having mom at UWMC means that she is getting the absolute best possible care from a world class teaching institution and that her care is being managed directly by her oncologist.

If mom’s treatments go well, this will not likely be her last hospital admission. The chemo regiment and bone marrow transplant procedure that is currently planned for mom comes with a tremendous amount of toxic side effects and a large part of that treatment will most likely be handled while mom is admitted to the hospital.

Mom can always have visitors and she loves to see her friends. We will try to keep people posted on here as much as possible about where she is and how to reach her. If you have mom’s mobile number, she is taking telephone calls – she has her phone with her.

If you are planning a visit and need a place to stay or want to get more timely information about exactly where she is or the best time to visit, email me at matthew@yungfrank.com and I’ll help as much as I can.

Thank you everyone for all of your support.