Well, Delphine called me this afternoon to find out how Jan could blog from her own account and to say she is back in the ER. Bummer.

I took Aleta to visit Jan yesterday and we got to eavesdrop on a doctor visit, play in her room a little, and join her for lunch. Jan insisted on having clam chowder brought for me as well, and a Sprite for Aleta.

While we were sitting there, Jan got a surprise visit from a dear old friend and neighbor, Fi. This is Fi’s daughter Anna because Fi (Jan, you can correct my spelling) is too camera shy.

20120107-224405.jpg(You can see her hands behind Anna.)

Over Delphine’s phone call to me, Jan related that she had another visitor yesterday and made a comment about lunch service that demonstrated to me that, as of 2pm today, Jan was her normal spirited self. 😉