The big change over the new year is that mom was finally discharged from VM! Hooray…

The doctors (and Delphine) finally seemed to have hit on the cause of mom’s fevers, a reaction to the drug that she had been taking to prevent a increase in the CMV virus count that started this whole thing. After being taken off Dapsone for 3 days we discontinued the Tylenol that had been covering moms fevers and voila, no fevers.

So after a day of observation and mom was released and we moved her to a nearby skilled nursing facility (SNF). You can see where here, it is a fantastic facility with excellent nursing care. Mom, of course, is already making friends and forming opinions.

Stephanie and her entire family were here over the weekend and they helped mom move and get settled. Mom’s days will be spent with getting stronger and working with both physical therapists and occupational therapists to give her the strength to begin the cancer treatment again. We are back to square one in many ways in her fight with the MM, we will consult now with her oncologist and develop a plan for how to proceed with treatment.

We are happy to have mom out of the hospital and she loves the new place.


Aleta and grandma sharing a cheek pat moment