Sorry for the long delay between posts. To tell the truth there has not been a lot to post regarding moms health. She remains admitted at VM, she has moved a couple of times but is still at a stable level of care. Her fevers have been persistent over the past 2 weeks and they have still not been diagnosed.

Mom did have a CT scan on the 25th (Merry Christmas) that revealed a couple of spots in her liver. The Radiologist suspects that they are cysts and so they will now need to be biopsied so that we can confirm this suspicion. If they are cysts, the good news is that they could be the culprit for the fevers. The bad news is that treatment is a 6 week course of antibiotics and we are unsure how (or if) treatment for the Myleoma could continue while she is on these medications.

So on the health front the only real message is that mom continues to get stronger and is nearly at her pre-hospital conditioning level. Go mom


This is a picture of mom after a short walk