The long break between posts is for a couple of reasons. First, there has not been a tremendous amount to post. Mom has been making nice and steady progress physically and she feels much better than she did a week ago. In addition to that my family has been moving houses this week. We left the only house that we have ever owned and moved into a new house that we just finished remodeling (about 5 blocks away).

For those of you that read along regularly you will know that mom has been in the hospital recovering from two different infections. While she has made progress recovering there is still an underlying condition that is causing mom to spike fevers on a regular basis. We have been covering those fevers with regular doses of Tylenol, yesterday we took her off the regular Tylenol schedule to evaluate her and within a few hours the fevers were back.

What this means is that there is some type of underlying cause for the fevers that we has not been properly treated. She has completed the antibiotics course for CMV and for PCP and she has had other, more broad spectrum, antibiotics as well. Still the fevers persist. The good news is that her white count is nearly 7.0 (that is almost normal) and so her body is able to fight much more effectively than it was 2 weeks ago.

Mom is still much too weak to re-start treatment for the Myleoma and so we are just taking the fight and the progress day by day. Improvement makes us all feel a little bit better and at the same time we all have our eyes on the bigger prize, for mom to be able to live life on her own terms once more.