I wanted to quickly let all of you know that mom has been receiving and reading your cards and letters. She has her iPad now in the hospital and is checking email when she can as well. The cards are a highlight for her, so even though she may not be writing back (she is making us save the envelopes) she is reading and enjoying your letters to her.

If any of you are in Seattle and would like to visit her, I know that she would love to see you. Her sister, Claudia, has been a regular presence at mom’s side and she has seen a decent amount of her children and grandchildren.

It is a crazy time of the year and most of you are not close to us here in Seattle but I just wanted to say here, because we have had some requests, that mom can take visitors. We also have a furnished 2 bedroom apartment here that is currently empty and can be used for short stays.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions: matthew@yungfrank.com

Happy Holidays