The last time I was in Seattle my mom was still on the ventilator, so when I came back into town last Thursday I was very happy to see, hear and talk to her again. I cannot explain the feeling it brought to me! When I was there I decided to bring mom her IPAD and go through a few e-mails with her, that her friends and family had sent her. There was one e-mail from her long time friend, Ladonna, which included a link to a song. When we started to play the song my mom was almost instantly moved to tears and that is when she said “I am so blessed”. It was hard to imagine those words coming out of her mouth, especially after all she has been through, but in the end it is the truth. She is blessed, as are we, to receive the kind of love and support we have from everyone. After all is said and done, this experience will give us all a new perspective, as Matt said in an earlier post, a perspective that brings us back to the things in life that really matter.

I have also attached a couple of pictures that illustrate some of our blessing!!