Mom continues to do well. We had a little ‘fight’ last night with one of the medical PCT’s at VM. Mom thought that something was itching her nose and she tried to scratch it. 30 seconds later she had pulled out her feeding tube and the PCT in question was not all that happy with mom. Mom called me and after some wrangling everyone calmed down. The good news is that now that the tube is out we are going to see if we can go without it…Another tube bites the dust (hopefully)! The other silver lining is that this incident has provided mom with inspiration to get up and get moving on her own. As if she needed more motivation, but trust me… she is fired up.

We have another 5 days on the IV antibiotics, hopefully the clock is ticking down on our time here at VM.

As an aside, I just want to say that we have had wonderful people taking care of mom during her time at VM. These nurses, PCT’s, techs and others have very difficult, often thankless, jobs and they do it with a smile.