Yesterday was another big day and a step in the right direction, although for mom I don’t think that it felt that way.

Mom was physically moved out of the ICU and onto a regular floor in the hospital. Being on a vent takes a lot out of your body and just being in bed for so long has caused a loss of a lot of muscle. Mom’s job now is to get stronger every day. She is making progress physically and is able to swallow soft foods and her voice is getting stronger. She moves herself around the bed and tried standing and ‘shuffling’ a little bit yesterday.

We have received some very nice cards and emails from many of you and so I thought that I would let the rest of you know that if you would like to write to mom you can send cards to me at:

3802 47th Avenue NE, Seattle WA 98105

I’ll make sure that they all get to mom and that she reads each one. Mom is hoping to begin posting here on her own shortly, we all are.

She has another week left on the IV antibiotics that are fighting the lung infection and then we will re-evaluate her overall progress and physical condition to determine our next steps. We are all looking forward to the holidays and the gift of the extra time with family and friends.