If you have something that you would like to see posted here, feel free to post it here as a reply. Many of you have asked if we read your posts, we do! I have read all of them to mom as well, your comments are making it through and we all love to see and hear about your experiences with mom. Feel free to share stories or pictures.

This one is from Marcia Tiffany (a colleague of moms from Head Start):

I have worked with Jan for over seven years, as her Office Assistant. Our two favorite topics of conversation….our grandkids (I have nine and two great-granddaughters) and…..our Lord Jesus Christ! We were prayer partners. Whenever I had a heartache, or concern, I would run to her cubicle, tell her the situation, and she would pray. She would do the same with me. We both love the Lord so much and He is a constant in both our lives.

(September) 4:00 pm, Friday, we walked to the parking lot together. As I started to get into my car, (we were parked side-by-side) I noticed she was sitting with her head down. I walked over to her and she looked at me, with tears falling down her cheeks. She kept saying, ‘Marcia, I am so sick, so sick.” She asked if she had a fever, which she did. She was trying to decide if she should go to the ER or an Urgent Care on her way home. She kept saying she didn’t want to drive so far, just wanted to go home. I prayed with her, we talked for a few more minutes and she started to back out of the parking space. Just then, Colleen and Maxine approached her and began talking with her. So I said goodbye, and left. Little did any of us realize that would be the last ‘working’ day for Jan!

Jan sent a note to me, and I quote. “Hi Marsh, miss you! I have time to hold any specific prayer needs you have for yourself and family. God has given me this opportunity to pray and offer thanksgiving, so please send your requests and needs and I will fold you into my heart. (I have a very strong heart they say).” I wept. With all she was going through, she asked for my prayer needs!”

That’s mom for sure. Thank you Marcia