After all the Thanksgiving parties, I made the decision to stay in Seattle to spend some more time with my mom as she battles to get off the ventilator. As Matt and I discussed last night it is hard to imagine that only a few short months ago our mom was running around chasing our kids. Mom loves being a Grandma and quite honestly she is very good at it. She has an animation and joy for life that all the kids are drawn to. Her passion is infectious and we all miss it very much.

As I sit with her, I try and cut through all the bells, honks and dings of the equipment by thinking about some of my recent memories of my mom. I was blessed that she lived with my family for the last two and a half months prior to coming over to Seattle. At this moment the one memory I keep playing over and over in my mind is the first time she put on her back brace. Over the previous weeks, mom was dealing with very severe back pain that was basically a side affect of the myeloma cancer. The first time she put on the back brace–the minor relief it gave her, she was inspired to do the jig. I remember it clear as day, after all the time she had spent with her walker she took this moment of minor relief to do the jig. This is the type of memory that surfaces time and time again with my mom. She can take even the smallest ray of light and turn it into the sun.

Though it is very difficult to see mom in her condition, I know if anyone has the strength to move past this…she does. She will fight with all her passion in the hopes to once again do a little jig for all of us.