Thanksgiving has come and gone but our thankfulness remains and is also tested. Last last Saturday, November 19, Jan was taken to urgent care because she was running a fever. She’d received her first chemo treatment two days before and was “feeling really weird”.

I saw her last Tuesday and met her sister Claudia who looks so much like Jan that Maira called her “gramma” too. It was a wonderful quick chat with Jan before she was whisked away for a bronchial treatment that I’ve forgotten the exact name of. And a lovely conversation with Claudia.

Thanksgiving Day, my other sister Jane hosted dinner with many Ciesielskis present and that was a lot of fun chaos, yummy food, and shared love for Jan. Stephanie, Joe and Laura, and Matt took turns spending time with Jan in the hospital.

Today I visited Jan in Critical Care and it was shocking to see the respirator support. If I thought she was hooked up last week, this was more. Although she wasn’t awake, I told her about the past few days happenings and perhaps it’s my over active imagination but I do think she breathed more on her own while I was talking with her. It could also be, as the nurse said, that she was breathing fast as the fever she had causes higher metabolic activity. Anyway. I like to think she hears. As Matt said later, and that’s where the title of this post comes from, “the definition of ‘good’ keeps getting redefined.”

Matt, Joe, and Delphine came soon after my arrival and the kids visited her too and Del hung up this Thanksgiving craft that the kids helped make.


With sighs but a peaceful heart, Irene